Dear Avi

Do you ever feel left out of your circle of friends because of the way you are? Do you have a girlfriend that you love but just can't bring yourself to tell her some secret thing that is eating away at you? Do you have issues with coworkers because of your orientation? Do you ever just want to talk?

Well Dear Avi is where to turn! You can ask any question you like in comment form at the bottom of this post and we will not publish it until we publish our next magazine. You can remain completely anonymous by selecting the Anonymous name for your post or you can sign it with whatever name you would like. We will answer you to let you know that your submission has been received and to be looking for it in our next issue.

We are here to help YOU! Let us know your worries and problems and maybe we can help.

We are waiting for your comments below :)

Dear Avi
Oh Boi Magazine Advice Columnist

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