Friday, 31 December 2010

Oh Boi New Year Hunt 2011 Hunt Hints

Oh Boi Magazine New Year Hunt 2011

Welcome to OhBoi Magazine's New Year Hunt. Its the time to start new, make changes, and resolutions. Why not get started with some Awesome items from Awesome Merchants? Sound good to you? Well, then join Us on the 2011 OhBoi Magazine's New Year's Grid Wide Hunt.

Hunt hints and Merchant list:

1-START POINT - True Visions Photography

Clean out some cobwebs!

Click the button for free!

Walk until the end of the store

It's time for lunch.

Lounge around a bit.

Come have a seat!

Have a seat on me , toss a coin in , and make a wish for the New Year

If you are buying a 'RING' the CLOCK on the DESK will tell you what TIME it is.

OhBoi you can work that runway!

Spin, spin Suga.

with xmas gifts under the tree

Strawberryfields forever ;)

Time for Tea!

Find the little Squirrel House

Find the MM Board

If you wish to find the gift I share....you better learn to take the stairs.

the object you seek is flying with the Ravens

I am tied up to JESSIES TEXTURES!

i will tell you my secret....i adore moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so i am near or better behind every dj so i can see their tip jars get full of money!!!!!

OhBoi! A stocking full of goodies!

She's a smoking hot, newly single bisexual

Come to the third floor, Coraline likes it here.

Careful not to burn!

Receive the new year with me and find a free gift :)

Look for the clock, next to the pot.

Where can you get a coupon on the dock?

At midnight the New Year comes up

Water and soil keep me alive.

under the pig

While hunting for your free gift, why not grab another free gift?

handcuffs are always for good uses

"Worn over the heart"


On a field of red, with Dollar signs may my OhBoi bounce.

It is time to Promote this location.

It's Time To Use The Fitting Area!

sit on me to win!

I'll always be inside the large hat. Check the hint giver on where I am at.

I love to win prizes at the lucky chairs!

ReVeiw Years past on me

A new year is unfolding - like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.

Go to the corner and make your New Year's Resolution.

the top floor to the area of death!

if you are looking down you won't get back in time.

If u join ...a gift awaits..

Friday, 10 December 2010

Latest Installment - Dear Avi

Yes, that is RIGHT! We have opened up a whole new page for all those advice seekers out there. Your comments won't be published on our blog but they will be put in our Oh Boi Magazine issues with answers and insights to your problems. This can all be done anonymously of course. Our comment system is moderated so we can carefully determine how to answer your questions.

Just click the "Dear Avi" tab at the top of this blog or go to the Dear Avi page though THIS LINK!

There is more info there, so hope to see your questions really soon!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Parties and Fun - Oh Boi wants to thank you!

This past year at Oh Boi we have seen many ups and downs, ins and outs, and new faces come and go, but one thing we have seen steady is the amazing response you all have given us with our sponsored parties and all the fun times we have had.

I know that we all have busy lives and believe me, I know that first hand, but there is nothing quite like being able to meet all of you who take time out to read our magazine. We all love hearing the comments about it and the excitement is shared by all when another big issue comes out. Having fun with you all at parties is just the icing on the cake.

I was not able to attend the last party, but Eden was so awesome to do a write up about it. They had a blast and it was great that they included Oh Boi in their bog. If you want to read their blog just click HERE and see all the fun stuff they have on their blog for you. They are connected and we hope to remain connected to you as well.

See Ya at our next big party! Stay Tuned to see where it is!

Love and Hot chocolate,
Temoren Drathman
Managing Editor
Oh Boi Magazine

Monday, 6 December 2010

And Another Year Ends - December Issue Oh Boi Magazine

It's OUT!!! Well yes, we are out, but the December issue of Oh Boi Magazine is out as well! This month we have included some exciting lesbian Erotica along with an interesting story on the Butch/Femme Dynamics. Our horoscopes inform and intrigue, and our poetry soothes and softens the senses.

Don't pass up an opportunity to get information on our Latest Grid Wide Hunt for the New Year! You won't be disappointed! It starts January 1st and runs through the 31st. Dawniie Paine is heading up the hunt this month and is the point of contact. If you are a merchant and want to be involved in our hunt, THERE IS STILL TIME! Get a copy of our mag inworld or head to the Hunt HQ to get the hunt info notecard and Merchant Application! We will be putting a page on our blog that is dedicated to the new hunt in a few weeks so STAY TUNED!

New Fashion, fun, and Excitement await you in our latest issue of Oh Boi Magazine!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oh Boi We are Still Here!

Sitting back the month of november is really not what any of us have done. Yes, I know that we have neglected to update our Facebook Page, and we haven't given you all much to talk about with the past issue or Twitter Feed, but I am here to say that we are BACK and with a Vengence!

We are gearing up for our end of the year issue and then planning some new and innovative awesomeness for all of us coming up in January! We have a new hunt for the New Year and we will be putting a poster out with the details of how to become a merchant with our hunts and also how to enter them. Dawniie Paine will be heading up our next hunt and I am sure we will see some quality merchandise and fun hunt spots! Stay Tuned! I hope you enjoyed our Diversity Hunt this past October. I don't think I even got through all the merchants on that one. I kept getting stuck in the good stores and spending more money, whoops!

Not only are we preparing a hunt for you all, but we are planning on expanding our horizons so-to-speak, but it is TOP SECRET and I really shouldn't be mentioning it even vaguely, soo.. ummm I zip my lips from here on out... mmmhmmhmhhhhmhmhmffffmhhffmfmffmh *unzips lips* Well, maybe not litterally heheh.

If you didn't get a chance to read our last issue of Oh Boi before our December one rolls out, go ahead and at least catch up with Sheri Dryke's last installment of "Stripped: A Stripper by Any Other Name". You will NOT be disappointed!

Hugs and Snugs,
Temoren Drathman
Managing Editor - Oh Boi Magazine

Friday, 5 November 2010

It gets better and better!!!! November issue is out now !!!

November already!!! where does time go to?!?!?! Fall is well and truly here, as the beautiful diverse colors outside my window and the chill in the air serve to remind me.

Have you got your November copy of Oh Boi yet? it gets better and better!!! this month we have an awesome feature on fall fashion and great articles.

Our regulars include Horoscopes , find out what is in store for you in the coming month!

As always we feature short stories, poetry and lots of great articles. If you have any contributions that you would like to make to the magazine...contact us at

Ok...not gonna tell you anymore...it will spoil your read...so hurry up and get your copy now...so we can share our thoughts here on the blog...and on our facebook page.

If you haven't picked up your inworld copy of Oh Boi for November, just check out the listing just down to the right of this post. We have LOADS of Kiosks you can click to grab one! Also, hit the "Subscribe" Part on the kiosk when you get there, you will be sure to get your new copy when we send them out!

Thank you for continuing to support a great publication..and we would love to hear from you!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hangover's and Horoscopes

Firstly, thank you all for coming to the Oh Boi Wrap Up party at the Isle of Lesbos yesterday. If you were not able to make it, we had a great turn out and L$6000 on the Contest board! Uccello Poultry designed a kick ass winter theme that was cool in spirit and HOT in FUN!

If you haven't picked up your inworld copy of Oh Boi for October, just check out the listing just down to the right of this post. We have LOADS of Kiosks you can click to grab one! Also, hit the "Subscribe" Part on the kiosk when you get there, you will be sure to get your new copy when we send them out!

Again, thanks for all your support! Oh, and check HERE for Uccello Poultry's insights on her Feature Article in Oh Boi magazine.

Secondly, I just wanted to say CHECK OUT YOUR HOROSCOPE lol. This month we introduced our Monthly Horoscope Feature by Victorya Firecaster! Believe me, the first bit of my Capricorn Horoscope has already come TRUE! I think I can breathe easier now and get ready for the next part of mine.. Things are supposed to get a LOT better around the 7th and 8th so we will see! What does she say for You??

Temoren Drathman
Managing Editor
Oh Boi Magazine!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Biggest Issue EVAH!!! Oh Boi October!

Yes You saw that right. And Yes, I have been up ALL NIGHT working with Adri and the rest of the amazing staff at Oh Boi Magazine to produce this WHOPPER of an issue. It is a Content and Graphic filled EXTRAVEGANZA with new faces and great creativity! Even with it's 130 pages it keeps you wanting MORE!

Take a look for yourself! And remember, you have anything to contribute give us a shout at ohboimag@gmail.com!

Catch our Tweets and Facebook Fan page! Keep Connected on what is to come next month!!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

We're Keeping the Name!

Women have the prerogative to change their minds, do they not?

We’ve often used this reasoning to get us out of sticky situations – where one could be mistakenly labeled as fickle.

Last month, I announced that we would be changing the magazine’s name to something that would suit what we’d like it to be. Once the decision has finally been made, we’ve received letters and IMs asking us to keep the name Oh Boi, some, from people
who previously agreed that the name wasn't to be taken seriously.

Ah, women!

We released our September issue under the name Oh Boi. We've realized it doesn't limit us at all. It's light and fun and still manages to encompass our diverse community. Plus, it grows on you. So, yes, we are pleased to announce that we will be keeping it!

So, check our latest issue out! Pick up a copy from any of our kiosks (also listed on this blog) or check us out online at issuu.com/ohboi. We have new features and sections next month that we're sure you'll enjoy!

A Facebook Presence for Oh Boi

Yes. That is Right! We now have a Facebook Fan Page for Oh Boi Magazine! Come and check it out, post comments on there, give us feedback. Start a discussion!!!

Tell us what you think!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Comin' Around Again, Oh Boi Hotter than Before!

How can I describe this last issue of Oh Boi Magazine? First of all it is HOT as it always is. It has new features and a wealth of articles this month. Lets talk about Sex! First Life Meetups! Fashion! An Amazingly Brave Artist Bearing her Heart! Beating the fL Heat with sL Winter Fun! I can't stand it, I can't go on!!!!

/me goes to one knee on stage waiting for the cape to be placed on her shoulders and helpers to escort her off the stage in a James Brown kinda way.

Really though. That person getting escorted from a stage that was all lit up in lights should be YOU. The Reader! We value you above all other things and we want to hear from YOU! Tell us what you want to see in our magazine and even send in submissions if you like.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to our content:
1. Indygo Criss has an amazing new feature this month called "Indy's Input" where she answers questions about anything and everything. She is a firstLife counselor and is bringing those skills into our world of Second Life. Send in your questions needing advice to IndygoCriss@gmail.com here is an excerpt from a question:
"I have never told anyone this but I have this huge crush on a girl here in SL ... how do I tell her without getting my feelings hurt?"
Pick up the mag to see how Indy handles this one and the wonderful light she sheds on all the problems brought to her. She truly is an amazing spirit.

2. We are developing a section called "Overheard in sL" and we need YOU to help. Ever hear someone say something just so out of place but something you would seriously only ever hear in Second Life? You can't actually fly or TP in firstLife can you, but you can in sL! I KNOW you all have had something you just had to quote from another friend at one time or another. Well, we want you to bring your silly sayings and fun experiences into our magazine and be a part of sharing those funny stories and quotations... that can only be Overheard in SL.

3. We are always taking ideas and comments and we want to work those into the magazine in the future as well. We need to know how you feel about us, about the world, about the LGBT community!

5. Have a shop or a store? Get one of our kiosks put out at your place to spread the Oh Boi Love and allow people to subscribe without taking up a group space or take a copy right then and there!

4. Finally, we are always on the look out for great creators that want to be a part of the Oh Boi Magazine's amazingly growing readers. You have Store? You build or create items and need advertising? We have space for YOU! Our ad rates are very reasonable so get in on the fun and exposure that Oh Boi can bring!

To help us entertain and inform by any of the previous ways mentioned, send an email to myself TemorenDrathman@gmail.com, our Editor-In-Chief AdrianneSautereau@gmail.com or simply to OhBoiMag@gmail.com

Our September issue of Oh Boi Magazine has hit record highs and is only growing. We strive to create a quality and informative magazine while constantly entertaining the senses with sexy stories, edgy graphics and photography, beautiful poetry, and informative articles.

Come on, hit subscribe here  in SL and at Issuu.com if you haven't already. We don't take group space and get your copy of Oh Boi Magazine fresh off the presses every month!

Here is what you will get at our Issue.com site:

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

NEW NEW NEW! Number 5 is ALIVE! Oh Boi!

If you haven't heard yet, Oh Boi has just released it's highly anticipated Issue #5 for August 2010. We are happy to have included some hot and sexy (redundant but true) photo fashion spreads for you to take a look at along with some sizzling erotic writing from are own Arwen and Androphyx. For those of you who want a taste of the Real World, there is an amazing interview on a stellar band called Kathematics!!

There are many ways to view our mag. While in SecondLife, just grab one from one of our MANY vendors or stop by our office to sign up for your FREE monthly Subscription and get your free copy there. Click here for the LM. Inside our office you will find our staff boards. If you have any questions feel free to click any of our faces and we would be glad to help. Now, once you have one of our inworld mags, you can then either rez it on any surface in SL, OR you can WEAR it! Yes, wear it. If you have never experienced the wonders of turning pages of an IntelliBook before, you should really try it. It attaches to the center of your HUD and comes up with a drop down menu. You can make it bigger by clicking the size.

If you want to read up on the magazine and don't have access to SecondLife or you are on the go, we have that covered as well! Go to http://issuu.com/ohboi and sign up for your online subscription there! You can read us all day long on the web. Issuu.com also has an awesome Android app for people who are REALLY on the go and want to catch up and are waiting for approval for their iPhone app as I type this blog :)

So, wherever you go, there we are, when you need us, when you want us, when you are lonely, when you are bored. Let us inspire and entertain you!

Flip our pages from our online issuu.com mag right below, and stay tuned for up and coming stories and sexy content.

Temoren Drathman

Monday, 14 June 2010

New fashions for summer...

Hi all! Summer has definately arrived in this part of the world, which makes our thoughts turn to summer in SL. With summer comes the the challenge of finding outfits to wear. It's especially challenging to find clothes in SL for the Bois. So we have three more outfits to add to the summer collection featured in May's edition of Oh Boi Magazine.

First we have Keol modeling SF Designs Lycra Muscle Shirt and Indigo Shorts. A perfect casual outfit for day or night.

Next, we have Keol modeling an outfit for the beach (life preserver included in case you want to play Baywatch and rescue any stranded hotties) also from SF Designs.

Finally, we have Jez modeling a great outfit that can be used for swimming, hanging out on the beach, boating, etc., also by SF Designs.

Visit SF Designs in-world to purchase any of the clothes you see here. Happy summer and stay cool!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Welcome to the Sexion

Hey there my adoring readers. Someone out there thinks you like to read about sex. Hmmm, I wonder how true this can be? Well like it or not, for the next few months, I will be doing a series of articles on different kinds of sex. I will explore why people like it, give my own theories on it and some researched theory as well. If you have any questions feel free to post it here and I will do my damnedest to get you an answer.



Monday, 31 May 2010

May - June Issue

The third issue is here!

A big thank you to everyone who worked with us to get this issue out.

And to our wonderful sponsors, SF DESIGNS, TRIBAL BAMBOO, ADIVA COUTURE, thank you so much!

Monday, 5 April 2010

April Issue is out!!!

Our April issue is out! This issue deals with many interesting topics such as the anatomy of D/s relationships, Second Pride, and Project Hope, to name a few. Check it out!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The First Issue of Oh Boi is out!!!

The first issue of Oh Boi is out. We had a blast at our launch party which was hosted by the Lesbian Mob. Over 60 avatars attended and over L$ 12,000 was on the board. The issue was received well and many people expressed their enthusiasm at having a magazine that catered to their needs and tackled their issues. Tell us what you think!