Monday, 14 June 2010

New fashions for summer...

Hi all! Summer has definately arrived in this part of the world, which makes our thoughts turn to summer in SL. With summer comes the the challenge of finding outfits to wear. It's especially challenging to find clothes in SL for the Bois. So we have three more outfits to add to the summer collection featured in May's edition of Oh Boi Magazine.

First we have Keol modeling SF Designs Lycra Muscle Shirt and Indigo Shorts. A perfect casual outfit for day or night.

Next, we have Keol modeling an outfit for the beach (life preserver included in case you want to play Baywatch and rescue any stranded hotties) also from SF Designs.

Finally, we have Jez modeling a great outfit that can be used for swimming, hanging out on the beach, boating, etc., also by SF Designs.

Visit SF Designs in-world to purchase any of the clothes you see here. Happy summer and stay cool!

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