Wednesday, 11 August 2010

NEW NEW NEW! Number 5 is ALIVE! Oh Boi!

If you haven't heard yet, Oh Boi has just released it's highly anticipated Issue #5 for August 2010. We are happy to have included some hot and sexy (redundant but true) photo fashion spreads for you to take a look at along with some sizzling erotic writing from are own Arwen and Androphyx. For those of you who want a taste of the Real World, there is an amazing interview on a stellar band called Kathematics!!

There are many ways to view our mag. While in SecondLife, just grab one from one of our MANY vendors or stop by our office to sign up for your FREE monthly Subscription and get your free copy there. Click here for the LM. Inside our office you will find our staff boards. If you have any questions feel free to click any of our faces and we would be glad to help. Now, once you have one of our inworld mags, you can then either rez it on any surface in SL, OR you can WEAR it! Yes, wear it. If you have never experienced the wonders of turning pages of an IntelliBook before, you should really try it. It attaches to the center of your HUD and comes up with a drop down menu. You can make it bigger by clicking the size.

If you want to read up on the magazine and don't have access to SecondLife or you are on the go, we have that covered as well! Go to http://issuu.com/ohboi and sign up for your online subscription there! You can read us all day long on the web. Issuu.com also has an awesome Android app for people who are REALLY on the go and want to catch up and are waiting for approval for their iPhone app as I type this blog :)

So, wherever you go, there we are, when you need us, when you want us, when you are lonely, when you are bored. Let us inspire and entertain you!

Flip our pages from our online issuu.com mag right below, and stay tuned for up and coming stories and sexy content.

Temoren Drathman

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