Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Comin' Around Again, Oh Boi Hotter than Before!

How can I describe this last issue of Oh Boi Magazine? First of all it is HOT as it always is. It has new features and a wealth of articles this month. Lets talk about Sex! First Life Meetups! Fashion! An Amazingly Brave Artist Bearing her Heart! Beating the fL Heat with sL Winter Fun! I can't stand it, I can't go on!!!!

/me goes to one knee on stage waiting for the cape to be placed on her shoulders and helpers to escort her off the stage in a James Brown kinda way.

Really though. That person getting escorted from a stage that was all lit up in lights should be YOU. The Reader! We value you above all other things and we want to hear from YOU! Tell us what you want to see in our magazine and even send in submissions if you like.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to our content:
1. Indygo Criss has an amazing new feature this month called "Indy's Input" where she answers questions about anything and everything. She is a firstLife counselor and is bringing those skills into our world of Second Life. Send in your questions needing advice to IndygoCriss@gmail.com here is an excerpt from a question:
"I have never told anyone this but I have this huge crush on a girl here in SL ... how do I tell her without getting my feelings hurt?"
Pick up the mag to see how Indy handles this one and the wonderful light she sheds on all the problems brought to her. She truly is an amazing spirit.

2. We are developing a section called "Overheard in sL" and we need YOU to help. Ever hear someone say something just so out of place but something you would seriously only ever hear in Second Life? You can't actually fly or TP in firstLife can you, but you can in sL! I KNOW you all have had something you just had to quote from another friend at one time or another. Well, we want you to bring your silly sayings and fun experiences into our magazine and be a part of sharing those funny stories and quotations... that can only be Overheard in SL.

3. We are always taking ideas and comments and we want to work those into the magazine in the future as well. We need to know how you feel about us, about the world, about the LGBT community!

5. Have a shop or a store? Get one of our kiosks put out at your place to spread the Oh Boi Love and allow people to subscribe without taking up a group space or take a copy right then and there!

4. Finally, we are always on the look out for great creators that want to be a part of the Oh Boi Magazine's amazingly growing readers. You have Store? You build or create items and need advertising? We have space for YOU! Our ad rates are very reasonable so get in on the fun and exposure that Oh Boi can bring!

To help us entertain and inform by any of the previous ways mentioned, send an email to myself TemorenDrathman@gmail.com, our Editor-In-Chief AdrianneSautereau@gmail.com or simply to OhBoiMag@gmail.com

Our September issue of Oh Boi Magazine has hit record highs and is only growing. We strive to create a quality and informative magazine while constantly entertaining the senses with sexy stories, edgy graphics and photography, beautiful poetry, and informative articles.

Come on, hit subscribe here  in SL and at Issuu.com if you haven't already. We don't take group space and get your copy of Oh Boi Magazine fresh off the presses every month!

Here is what you will get at our Issue.com site:

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