Monday, 6 December 2010

And Another Year Ends - December Issue Oh Boi Magazine

It's OUT!!! Well yes, we are out, but the December issue of Oh Boi Magazine is out as well! This month we have included some exciting lesbian Erotica along with an interesting story on the Butch/Femme Dynamics. Our horoscopes inform and intrigue, and our poetry soothes and softens the senses.

Don't pass up an opportunity to get information on our Latest Grid Wide Hunt for the New Year! You won't be disappointed! It starts January 1st and runs through the 31st. Dawniie Paine is heading up the hunt this month and is the point of contact. If you are a merchant and want to be involved in our hunt, THERE IS STILL TIME! Get a copy of our mag inworld or head to the Hunt HQ to get the hunt info notecard and Merchant Application! We will be putting a page on our blog that is dedicated to the new hunt in a few weeks so STAY TUNED!

New Fashion, fun, and Excitement await you in our latest issue of Oh Boi Magazine!

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