Friday, 31 December 2010

Oh Boi New Year Hunt 2011 Hunt Hints

Oh Boi Magazine New Year Hunt 2011

Welcome to OhBoi Magazine's New Year Hunt. Its the time to start new, make changes, and resolutions. Why not get started with some Awesome items from Awesome Merchants? Sound good to you? Well, then join Us on the 2011 OhBoi Magazine's New Year's Grid Wide Hunt.

Hunt hints and Merchant list:

1-START POINT - True Visions Photography

Clean out some cobwebs!

Click the button for free!

Walk until the end of the store

It's time for lunch.

Lounge around a bit.

Come have a seat!

Have a seat on me , toss a coin in , and make a wish for the New Year

If you are buying a 'RING' the CLOCK on the DESK will tell you what TIME it is.

OhBoi you can work that runway!

Spin, spin Suga.

with xmas gifts under the tree

Strawberryfields forever ;)

Time for Tea!

Find the little Squirrel House

Find the MM Board

If you wish to find the gift I share....you better learn to take the stairs.

the object you seek is flying with the Ravens

I am tied up to JESSIES TEXTURES!

i will tell you my secret....i adore moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so i am near or better behind every dj so i can see their tip jars get full of money!!!!!

OhBoi! A stocking full of goodies!

She's a smoking hot, newly single bisexual

Come to the third floor, Coraline likes it here.

Careful not to burn!

Receive the new year with me and find a free gift :)

Look for the clock, next to the pot.

Where can you get a coupon on the dock?

At midnight the New Year comes up

Water and soil keep me alive.

under the pig

While hunting for your free gift, why not grab another free gift?

handcuffs are always for good uses

"Worn over the heart"


On a field of red, with Dollar signs may my OhBoi bounce.

It is time to Promote this location.

It's Time To Use The Fitting Area!

sit on me to win!

I'll always be inside the large hat. Check the hint giver on where I am at.

I love to win prizes at the lucky chairs!

ReVeiw Years past on me

A new year is unfolding - like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.

Go to the corner and make your New Year's Resolution.

the top floor to the area of death!

if you are looking down you won't get back in time.

If u join ...a gift awaits..

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  1. Hey All!!! I moved this to a special Page just for this Hunt! Just go to: http://ohboimagazine.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hq-info-and-links.html and that page will be updated with all the latest and greatest Hints :)Or just check the tabs at the top of the page!