Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oh Boi We are Still Here!

Sitting back the month of november is really not what any of us have done. Yes, I know that we have neglected to update our Facebook Page, and we haven't given you all much to talk about with the past issue or Twitter Feed, but I am here to say that we are BACK and with a Vengence!

We are gearing up for our end of the year issue and then planning some new and innovative awesomeness for all of us coming up in January! We have a new hunt for the New Year and we will be putting a poster out with the details of how to become a merchant with our hunts and also how to enter them. Dawniie Paine will be heading up our next hunt and I am sure we will see some quality merchandise and fun hunt spots! Stay Tuned! I hope you enjoyed our Diversity Hunt this past October. I don't think I even got through all the merchants on that one. I kept getting stuck in the good stores and spending more money, whoops!

Not only are we preparing a hunt for you all, but we are planning on expanding our horizons so-to-speak, but it is TOP SECRET and I really shouldn't be mentioning it even vaguely, soo.. ummm I zip my lips from here on out... mmmhmmhmhhhhmhmhmffffmhhffmfmffmh *unzips lips* Well, maybe not litterally heheh.

If you didn't get a chance to read our last issue of Oh Boi before our December one rolls out, go ahead and at least catch up with Sheri Dryke's last installment of "Stripped: A Stripper by Any Other Name". You will NOT be disappointed!

Hugs and Snugs,
Temoren Drathman
Managing Editor - Oh Boi Magazine

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